Psychedelic art depression is based on the experience of parts of my personal transformation process. 
I’ve always been interested in outer transformation as a tool for passing from one subculture to the other. I manipulate my appearance but it is never merely dressing up. The outer transformation always results in a complete social transformation.
You can actually say that I research them in such an extreme way that I really become what I want to know.
I’m interested in culture, individuality and identity. Always searching for what that actually means. I dissect my Ego, research what shapes me and try to find all the things that belong to me through all my previous transformations.

In this work I present several things that define me. This involves themes such as fashion, shamanistic ceremonies, parties, social media, gender etc. I chose to create several works with the use of various kinds of media. They represent the result of different extremes researched in several cultures. Increasing awareness of certain representations and limitations but also adding a little bit of fun.

Psychedelic art depression is a theme which explains the difficulties of this transformational processes. A free spirit which is soul searching but is functioning in a social system which contains labeling, pressure and judging. I’ve experienced many different artist’s blocks and in this work I try to embrace all the flows of energies that have been forming me and in doing so, celebrating who I am.

For my thesis I decided to research my own belief systems. I wanted to create a certain awareness of all the concepts that are attached to the cultures I am part of. Beliefs I’ve picked up from different sources. For example working with sacred plants, chatting with friends, reading books, watching videos etc. I asked myself, what do I define as the truth? Better said, what defines me?

To position myself as an artist in the society I dissected my Ego. That personal process is reflected in my thesis. First I sat down typing on a typewriter all the thoughts I believed in at that very moment. I asked myself various questions. What do I think of labels? What do I think of Jesus Christ? Why do I eat food? How do I perceive transgender? All from a spiritual developed point of view.

After a while, I realized that I was ending up in mental loops. Mental loops that continually resulted in the word: love. I got so stuck in my mind that I lost all connection to earth. I realized I was so detached from my heart that I even lost my rebelliousness.

Eventually I decided to distance myself from this conceptual thinking, by intuitively drawing symbols that represent a manifesto against my own belief systems. Because I invalidate everything that I believed in, I used it as an extra layer so that the text is barely readable. I want to love and embrace all the things that exist because they are just beautiful stories. Now what is left is just the essence.